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SAM Caribbean Ltd has produced thousands of graduates who have come from every sector of society. SAM Caribbean Ltd continues to be a leader and innovator in the provision of private business tertiary education.

why choose us

Designed for Today's Students

University is about more than an education. Your university experience gives you the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to help you make your world better. Whether you’ve just left secondary school or are a mature student, university opens up a host of new opportunities and lets you take control of your future.

A university qualification makes you more attractive in the eyes of future employers and increases your earning potential. It shows that you have the ability and self-motivation to learn at a higher level, and the dedication to see your course through to the end.


World Class Facilities

We are constantly upgrading our facilities to keep ahead in the evolving age of technology.

Valuable Employability Skills

The vast majority of our graduates find work or further study within six months
of graduating, and we offer a variety of innovative, specialised courses.

Flexible Learning Hours

University doesn’t necessarily involve several years of full-time study in one place. Flexible study options let you choose how and when you learn. These include part-time study, online learning and study abroad options.

Exchange Opportunities

Opportunity is everywhere at SAM, and it’s not just restricted to Trinidad. We offer overseas placements and exchanges that let you finish your degree with our foreign
partners in the UK.

Here's Why

At SAM Caribbean Ltd we don’t only have the facilities to enable easy learning but fosters lifetime networking, supported by lecturers that will work with YOU to ensure YOUR Success!!

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SAM Caribbean Limited offers a variety of means for Financial Aid. View this section to review our current opportunities.

In SAM Caribbean Limited’s online degree programmes, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience that combines real-time interaction and collaboration through our custom-designed learning platform.
SAM Caribbean Limited enables individuals from abroad and around the world, to study and complete our programmes. Find out more about how to qualify.

For almost the past four decades, SAM Caribbean Limited has been successful in taking students through from enrollment to graduation. Our graduates can be found in almost every industry sector through Trinidad & Tobago.