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For almost the past four decades, SAM has been successful in taking students through from enrollment to graduation. Our graduates can be found in almost every industry sector through Trinidad & Tobago.
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Entering SAM for me was a transformational point in my life. I came out of another tertiary education institute having very little idea or perceptions of my future, never having considered myself to be talented.

Coming to SAM changed all of that, while in my 3 years of undergrad study, I discovered my talent on the realm of Business Management and my abilities, skills and talents were nurtured by staff with stimulating, interactive lectures that allowed me and my fellow students to be heard and guided.

Though completing the degree is no easy task the school did its part and by equipping me with the knowledge I needed to excel.

I can honestly admit in hind sight going to SAM was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, and I’d continue to recommend to anyone who shows interest in earning a BA or MBA in Business.
Sandev Mackoon
SAM Caribbean Ltd. balances the holistic professional development of every student nurturing each to effectively operate in leadership roles and thus contribute to the enhancement of the glocalized business and societal landscape. This was the primary factor into my decision and investment to further my education. The refined learning environment, technical and front office support as well as the familial environment contributed greatly to my selection of and completion of my BSc Computing and Information Systems and MBA General Management degrees.
Cory L. Belfon
Information and Communications Technology Director
Ministry of Education
School of Accounting and Management provides a real opportunity for persons young and old to be empowered. The various courses offered provide career choices that are relevant to the modern business environment especially as there are so many changes going on in the world and the world economy.
louis nurse
Louis nurse
Business Owner

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Our Students brag about us

“it was my return to education after i had my daughter at an early age. SAM made the process seamless and their support was world class”
Karen Simons
“I was able to be hired as soon as i finished my degree at SAM. I feel like i have been blessed by attending this school”
Kyle Joseph

“I enjoyed every minute of SAM thanks to the amazing people and the support that is second to none. I'll definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.”

Lillian Myrie