B.Sc.(Hons) Business management


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As with many of our business degrees, the aim of our course is to equip you with a solid foundation in business and management theory. You will also have the opportunity to develop a range of practical skills and analytical techniques currently used within a number of business areas.

The wide range of course options enables you to focus on areas of particular interest, or to prepare for specific professional requirements. Close ties with international industry and business ensure that course content is aligned with contemporary business practice. When you graduate you will be able to: display a real understanding of contemporary issues such as globalisation, sustainability and social and demographic change, demonstrate a sound appreciation of management practice,

including human resources, marketing, accounting and finance and information management and critically analyse strategic commercial behaviour. On a more practical level, you will be able to: use appropriate IT business applications to support analysis and enhance reporting, utilise appropriate qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyse a range of issues, plan and execute research projects and effectively communicate results at whatever level is appropriate to the audience.

Our course is about preparing you for the world of business, which means not just giving you the skills that are in use today, but developing you intellectually so that you can not only experience intellectual growth after graduation but also stay abreast of the fast changing commercial environment.

Year 1

Semester 1
1. Global Business Environment & International Strategy
2. Organisational Behaviour
3. Business Contracts & the Law

Semester 2
1. Introduction to Financial Analysis & Management
2. Digital Business and Principles of Marketing

Year 2

Semester 3
1. Understanding the Consumer
2. Business Innovation
3. Developing Professional Practice & using Information in HR

Semester 4
1. The Entrepreneurial Journey
2. Project Management and Implementation

Year 3

Semester 5
1. Strategic Management
2. Sustainability and Responsible Business

Semester 6
1.Marketing Communications
2. Major Project

Entry Requirements

Two (2) “A” level subjects , Grades A to E & three (3) “O” Level subjects including Mathematics & English Language, subject to the University entry requirement. CAPE subjects are also accepted grades 1-5 or

Completion of a 5-8 month Diploma in Business & Law at
SAM (replacing CAPE/ A’levels) or

MATURE ENTRY ROUTE: Persons without a formal entry
qualification but with two (2) years appropriate work
experience. Evidence of employment must be supplied by


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We’re Different

Our degree programmes are offered in a more dynamic way than traditional schools, so that students adapt to the 24/7 nature of their industries. You’re learning more in a shorter period of time, and starting out on your professional path earlier.

Course Highlights

Developing Professional Practice & Improving Organisational Performance

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Sustainability and Responsible Business

Time Options

Full time On Campus or

Saturdays only On Campus or

Evenings On Campus or or

Evenings (Online)

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The SAM Advantage

SAM Caribbean Ltd has a different approach to education, and the way we do things has multiple benefits to our students.

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Real-World Experience

SAM Caribbean Ltd’s relationships in the world of entertainment and media have led to a variety of unique opportunities for students.

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Alumni Success

We’re proud of our global network of accomplished graduates, and the way they give back to students.

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